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Easter is just around the corner, which is likely to mean the arrival of the Easter Bunny with plenty of chocolate eggs!

Easter egg hunts are really fun, but tooth decay isn’t, so how can you look after your child’s teeth over Easter?

Limit snack times

Snacking on sweet treats over long periods of time prolongs the exposure of your child’s teeth to acid, which can cause decay. Instead of snacking throughout the day, limit sugary treats to meal times to reduce acid exposure.

Plan a sugar break

If you child’s likely to be having more chocolate and sweats than usual over Easter, schedule a break from sweet treats in the week before and after.

Brush well. Brush regularly

Children should brush twice a day (morning and bedtime) every day, for at least two minutes. Supervise and support young children to ensure brushing is effective.

Beware of ‘secret sugars’

Chocolate and sugary treats aren’t the only snacks that can damage your child’s teeth. Some snacks which appear ‘healthy’ may be high in sugar which can lead to acid attacks and decay, including: fruit juice, milks (flavoured and plain), dried fruits, canned fruit and yoghurt.

Explore sugar-free activities

Consider gifts, treats and holiday activities which don't involve sugar... like painting eggs!

Visit your dentist

Regular dental check ups are an important step in identifying and preventing dental issues. It's never too early to introduce your child to regular dental check ups (once their teeth have arrived!). Contact us if you have any questions about children's dental or book an appointment.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy Easter break!

Dr John Cobley


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