5 Tips to Reduce Tea Staining on Teeth

Love snuggling up with a cuppa? We do! But you might not love the staining that tea can leave on your teeth.

Because it gets much of its flavour and colour from tannins, drinking tea can cause lasting discoloration.

Here are some simple ways to reduce tooth staining caused by tea:

  1. Brush teeth twice a day.

  2. Brush immediately after you drink a cup of tea.

  3. Drink water after your cuppa.

  4. Switch from black tea to herbal or green teas.

  5. Eat crunchy foods after tea.

If you’re still concerned about staining on your teeth, book an appointment with us and we will work with you to brighten your smile.

Q. What do you call a dentist who doesn't like tea?
A. Denis!